First speech

‏2008‏‎ was a beginning way to do great jobs and gain success, Opening and starting a hospital with highest quality, ‎World Standards, composed of the most experienced physicians of Iran.‎

The hospital that the first seconds of its formation was the licensed from Ministry of Health, hospital providing ‎diagnostic and eye surgery services in the eastern capital location.‎


A decade of activity and doing more than ‎‏85,000‏‎ successful surgical procedures along with patient satisfaction, ‎considering that some of these surgeries have been performed in the country for the first time, has created strong ‎pillars of patient confidence in this hospital So that its prominence in the province, the country and beyond the ‎borders of Iran has gone further, And its testimony is unparalleled Welcoming visitors from border countries as well ‎as Iranians abroad.‎

We have a special look in this hospital at diagnostic services and counseling in the field of cardiovascular, health ‎and medical digital imaging, blood and hormonal diagnostic tests.‎

To achieve our goals, we launched the second phase of the hospital in ‎‏2016‏‎ to increase the physical Space of ‎hospital Double.

Our goal is and will be more prosperous, quality treatment and relaxation of patients.‎

We wanted to see the problems of this area better than ever, more intelligence, and walk with full consciousness to ‎achieve our goals. That's why we chose BINA (means vision) for our hospital.‎

Last speech

Let’s not forget that your feedback can help us to improve our quality and patients service.‎
With the hope of bright days for all our beloved patients...‎

Prof. Mostafa Naderi