In this method a 120 µm superficial layer is lifted by femtosecond laser. Then ‎correction of the cornea is performed using the excimer laser and at the end the ‎flap is returned to its original position.‎

  • Benefits of treatment by LASIK- FemtoLASIK ‎
  • Complications‎
  • General Conditions for Laser Refractive Surgery‎
  • Preoperative tips
  • Essential tips during laser surgery
  • Postoperative recommendations
  • Arrangements of post-operative examinations‎
  • Duration of surgery

‎- Quick recovery: most of patients can start their daily works fresh after one or ‎two days.‎

‎- It has less pain than LASEK surgery or PRK.‎

‎- No need for long term using of eyedrops. In LASIK, there is no need to ‎control the wound healing using steroid drops, unlike PRK. LASIK patients ‎usually do do not require medication for more than a week, but using of ‎artificial tears is longer than LASEK and PRK because of more dryness of the ‎eye.‎

‎- The results in hyperopia are better than LASEK or PRK.‎

‎1- It has all PRK and LASEK´s complications. In addition, the layer created by ‎the femtosecond device does not have normal stamina despite being attached to ‎the underlying layer and may be displaced by severe trauma to the cornea.‎

‎2- The cost of this operation is more than double the cost of PRK and LASEK ‎because of using of two laser devices for this operation.‎

‎1- The patient is at least 18 years old and the refraction would be constant at ‎least for one year ‎

‎2- No change in ocular refraction for one year and more.‎

‎3- Lack of unrealistic expectations of surgery

‎4- Absence of uncontrolled diabetic

‎5- Absence of connective tissue disorders such as rheumatism

‎6- No history of ocular herpes simplex

‎7- Lack of intraocular inflammation

‎8- Not having glaucoma “black water” or cataract “white water”‎

‎9- Not taking some medicines like roaccutane ‎

‎10- Not be in duration of pregnancy or breastfeeding ‎

‎1- Wash eyelids and eyelashes at night before surgery

‎2- Do not wear makeup for 48 hours before surgery

‎3- Wear light and comfortable clothing on the day of operation

‎4- Not wear any perfume on the day of surgery

‎5- Not using soft contact lenses at least one week before and hard contact ‎lenses for two weeks before surgery

‎6- Take a sedative pill if there was anxiety

‎7- Take a shower the day before, because you may not be able to bathe for ‎several days

Laser correction surgeries are very fast and are not painful at all, so your ‎cooperation plays a very important role in getting the results right. So keep ‎calm and follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist during surgery.‎

‎1- During the operation, just look at the flashing red or green light and avoid ‎moving the eyes and head.‎

‎2- Duration of laser is less than one minute, usually 10 to 20 seconds, ‎depending on what type of laser is used. So you don´t have to move your eyes ‎while you´re hearing the laser sound.‎

‎3- Don't worry about blinking during surgery because your eyelids are fixed by ‎a device; it is best to prevent unpleasant sensations during surgery, you avoid ‎pressing the eyelids and frowning.‎

‎4-‎‏ ‏Do not touch your hands to the operating parts that it might cause ‎contamination

‎- The first post-op visit is 24 hours after surgery, and the next visit is followed ‎by your surgeon, which is 4-6 days later.‎

‎- Visit at regular intervals during the first 6 months

‎- During the first visit, your doctor will assess your eyesight and eye condition.‎

‎- Avoid applying lotions, creams, or cosmetics around the eye for at least a ‎week or until your doctor allows.‎

‎- Avoid violent sports such as boxing, soccer, karate, etc. for at least 10 weeks

‎- Avoid scratching and scratching your eyes in the first few weeks after surgery

‎- During the first few months after surgery, there is a possibility of fluctuation ‎in vision. Your visual stabilization in PRK and LASEK may take 3-6 months ‎and during this period you may experience symptoms such as impaired night ‎vision in driving, glare in the field of vision and luminous auras.‎

‎- Wearing sunglasses helps you to tolerant postoperative conditions.‎

‎** If you feel severe pain at first night after surgery, consider the following ‎tips:‎

‎- Do not worry

‎- You can take more painkillers and even use suppositories.‎

‎- Rest in a semi-dark room

‎- Use ice compresses with towels or towels that are placed in the refrigerator.‎

‎- Drop eyedrop into the eye only by lowering the lower eyelid

‎- can bathe on the second day after LASIK and 3-5 days after PRK, LASIK ‎and epiLASIK until repairing the epithelium and contact lens removal.‎

‎- First days, prevent water get entered into the eye

‎- Use baby shampoo for washing‎

‎- In early days, just perform your ablutions with earth or sand‎

‎- Avoid watching TV, reading, working with computers and other activities ‎that cause eye fatigue; however, they do not cause damage to the eyes and not ‎produce refraction again in the eye.‎

‎- No worries about visual fluctuations, slight burning and headache in the first ‎few weeks

‎- Use of eye drops and other prescribed medications

‎1- Every day until removing contact lens‎

‎2- One month after surgery

‎3- Three months after surgery

‎4- One year after surgery

‎5- Performing an annual examination

‎20 minutes‎