Refractive error‎

Definition: patient has blur vision that is treated with prescription glasses.‎

Types of refractive error‎

‎1- Myopia: patient has difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly but close ‎objects are clear and is corrected by eyeglasses.‎

‎2- Hyperopia: near vision of patient is blurry. But sometimes vision can be ‎blurred at all distances. This type of refraction also is treated with eyeglasses ‎or contact lenses.‎

‎3- Astigmatism: objects appear stretched out or blurry and it needs eyeglasses ‎and special contact lenses (toric) to correct.‎

Refractive errors correction methods‎


Contact lenses

Refractive surgery procedures of the cornea

Phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs)‎

Refractive surgery procedures of the cornea

Numerous methods have been introduced for the last 35 years to correct ‎refractive errors, which are now the most common and safe methods.‎


Femtosecond LASIK