Abrometry Ocular

In this photo, a review of the entire media is considered by drawing a full ‎volume of intra-ocular points of view and taking feedback reflections of light ‎and comparing with the standard reference, all of the eye errors are plotted.‎


The purpose of this photo

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the total eye errors including coma, ‎aspherical, and so on, as well as accurate examination of the patient's eye ‎score.‎


Actions before the photo ‎

The patient does not need any special preparation, such as dripping, and etc. ‎But if needed, the droplet will be spilled by the optometrist.‎



First, patient information is entered into the device and the patient is asked to ‎place his/her chin and forehead at the specified location blink and then do not ‎move for a few seconds and look at E letter. Images and information are ‎printed on the sheet and delivered to the patient.‎



Complications have not been reported


Place and hours of doing

Every day, except holidays, from 7 am to 6:30 pm

The duration of the test for both eyes is approximately 10 minutes.‎

The main building of the hospital - the second floor paraclinic room