Optometry is a science of visual care that includes visual acuity measurements, ‎refractive index (eye score), binocular vision assessment, alignment, ocular ‎movements, and color vision.‎

Alumni of this field, along with ophthalmologist, are responsible for the ‎maintenance of eye health.‎


The purpose of Optometry

In this center, the patient is initially examined by an optometrist to detect ‎refractive errors, bipolar disorders and adaptive muscular deviations, and ‎the patient is referred to a surgeon and an eye specialist for eye examination ‎and pathological examinations for treat.‎


Actions before Optometry

The patient does not need any special preparation, such as dripping, and etc. ‎But it is necessary to avoid using soft contact lens one-day before the test and ‎dilating drops three-day before the test.‎



First, the patient is asked to sit behind the auto refractive device and place his ‎chin and forehead at the specified location. And look at the image inside the ‎device (balloon or house depends on type of device) Then do not blink for a ‎few seconds. The amount of visual impairment is measured and printed on the ‎sheet.‎

In the next step, the patient is seated in front of the visual acuity and according ‎to their response to the letters on the panel, the patient's vision is measured ‎and ultimately the degree of visual weakness is determined.‎



There is not any Complications unless midrax or Cyclopentolate drop is used, ‎it makes the patient's vision blurred at least one day.‎


Place and hours of doing

Every day, except holidays, from 7 am to 6:30 pm

The duration of the test for both eyes is approximately 15 minutes.‎

The main building of the hospital - first floor - Optometry room