Orb scan

Orb scan is a device that shows information about the cornea's general ‎structure, including superficial strength, thickness, and anterior and ‎posterior shape.‎

The purpose of this test

The data collected by the device are used to evaluate the patients undergoing ‎refractive surgery, to diagnose and track corneal keratoconus patients, and ‎to evaluate the thickness of the cornea.‎

Actions before the photo

The patient does not need any special preparation, such as dripping, and ‎etc. but it is necessary to avoid using soft contact lens and hard contact lens ‎one-week before the test‏.‏


First, patient information is entered into the device and the patient is asked ‎to place his/her chin and forehead at the specified location blink and then do ‎not move for a few seconds and look at the red dot in the center of the ‎circles. Images and information are printed on the sheet and delivered to the ‎patient.‎


Complications have not been reported

Place and hours of doing

Every day, except holidays, from 7 am to 6:30 pm

The duration of the test for both eyes is approximately 15 minutes.‎

The main building of the hospital - the second floor - Orb scan room‎