Measuring the thickness of the cornea is often done by an ultrasound device. ‎Pachymetry is a major measure before refractive surgeries because in these surgeries ‎a part of the cornea is removed.‎

The purpose of this test

The purpose of this test is to accurately determine the thickness of the cornea, with ‎more precise findings for refractive surgery, corneal surgery, cataract, and eye pressure ‎monitoring‏.‏

Pre-test actions

The patient does not need any special preparation. Before doing test In order to numb ‎the surface of the cornea, the optometrist drops a tetracaine drop in each patient's eye.‎


After ensuring corneal stupor to perform the test, the ultrasound probe should be ‎perpendicular to the cornea and kept in the center of the pupil.‎‏ ‏Check the result at least ‎three times to ensure that the numbers are correct.‎

The patient is asked to blink a few times, then Stay motionless for a few seconds, and look at the red spot at the center of the device. Images and information are printed on the sheet and delivered to the patient.

Complications after the photo

Due to the use of anesthetic drops, the patient will feels ‎‏1‏‎-‎‏2‏‎ heaviness in the eyes.‎

Place and hours 

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