Perimetry (vision Field)‎

In a simple definition, you can say that the field of vision is the viewing ‎distance around the body you are staring, while your eyes are steady.‎

This test is done at Bina eye Hospital with advanced System (Humphrey). This ‎device is a hollow white hemisphere 30 cm away from the patient's face.‎


The purpose of this test

The vision field is one of the unique features of the eye which provides a ‎functional view of the function of the various parts of the visual system (Eyes, ‎vision and visual cortex in the brain).‎‏ ‏Hence, the assessment of the visual field ‎determines the state of vision which can be due to retinal diseases (the effects ‎of some ophthalmic drugs such as hydroxychloroquine),‎‏ ‏glaucoma, visual ‎acuity and intracranial vision injuries and its disturbances.‎


Pre-test actions

Before doing this test, don’t drop pupillary droplets in the eye let it take 24 ‎hours to have its effect gone.‎

No need to be NPO and it is better to have breakfast or lunch. This test ‎requires full patient collaboration, which is why it is necessary to be good, not ‎being sleepy and tired during the general test.‎



Because each eye has its own vision field, the visual field test is also done in ‎single eye‏.‏

‎1- First, the optometrist enters the patient information and the corresponding ‎image on the device.‎

‎2- Each eye is examined individually. First, a special cover closes eye, so that ‎no light is felt and a special alarm is given to the patient As soon as it felt the ‎spotlight turned on, should press the alarm.‎

‎3-During the test, you should put your head and chin in special place the eyes ‎have no movement, but there is no ban on blinking.‎

‎4- After placing the appropriate lens in the device, the patient will put his head ‎in the proper position and after being placed in the most comfortable position ‎the photo is taken in the following two steps:‎

a- At first, four bright points appear in front of the patient, with a series of ‎flashing light points in the center of them‏.‏‎ At this stage, the patient should ring ‎the alarm as soon as the flashing light is lit.‎

b- Eventually, a bright yellow light turns on in the porthole facing the patient‏ ‏and the test goes on while the patient is staring at the yellow light inside the ‎vent‏.‏‎ Patient should focus on the entire space inside the hemisphere so that if ‎the flashing light is lit from every point inside it, immediately ring the alarm.‎‏ ‏At this stage, the important point to be followed by the patient is stopping ‎movement of the eyes.‎


Complications after the photo

There will be no problems due to no drop before the photo.‎


Place and hours ‎

Every day except‏ ‏holidays from 11 am to 12:30 pm ‎

The duration of the test varies depending on the level of patient collaboration, ‎but the approximate duration for each eye, about 7 minutes and for the two ‎eyes, is approximately 15 minutes.‎

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