B-scan or eye Ultrasound

B scan is a diagnostic criterion used in ophthalmology to provide a two-‎dimensional cross-sectional view of the eye and bowel. Ultrasound waves ‎are used in this method. When there is a barrier to retinal evaluation, such ‎as when there is severe cataract or vitreous hemorrhage, precise information ‎about the retina can be obtained through ultrasonography. It can also be ‎used to check the internal tumors of the eye.‎


The purpose of this photo

B Scan is used to diagnose the bleeding of the vitreous, or the detachment ‎and rupture of the retina, or the presence of an external object in the eye. B-‎Scan accurately specifies the anatomy and internal shape of the eye.‎


Actions before the photo ‎

The patient does not need any special preparation, such as dripping, and ‎etc. ‎



First, patient information is entered into the device and the patient is asked ‎to close his/her eyes. Then the B-Scan probe is placed on the surface of the ‎eyelid with using a special gel. Images and information are printed on the ‎sheet and delivered to the patient.‎



Complications have not been reported


Place and hours of doing

Every day, except holidays, from 7 am to 6:30 pm

The duration of the test for both eyes is approximately 15 minutes.‎

The main building of the hospital - first floor ‎