Topography (Abrometry Corneal)‎

A topography, originally derived from the origin of geological science, means the post and tall of ‎corneal surface.‎


The purpose of this photo

This test is used to examine the cornea of the eye and can detect any cornea disorder like ‎‎(keratoconus), cornea scar, corneal curvature as well as corneal astigmatism.‎.


Actions before the photo ‎

The patient does not need any special preparation, such as dripping, and etc before the test‏.‏



First, patient information is entered into the device and the patient is asked to place his/her chin ‎and forehead at the specified red dot. The topography device emits light rings on the cornea and ‎devices computer reflecting on the shape of these circles it detects refractive cornea in different ‎parts of it. Different powers of the cornea are designed and characterized in different colors, ‎which makes it easy to detect various corneal diseases. Images and information are printed on the ‎sheet and delivered to the patient.‎



Complications have not been reported.‎


Place and hours of doing

Every day, except holidays, from 7 am to 6:30 pm

The duration of the test for both eyes is approximately 10 minutes.‎

The main building of the hospital - the second floor