Internal evaluation of Emergency care Standards

Saturday, July 21, 2018/Categories: News

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According to the summer assessment calendar (Bina eye Hospital summer program) on 21 July, All standards related to Emergency care were evaluated by the internal assessment team of the hospital.
Code of rescue has been announced (experimental) All members were present in less than 15 seconds.

Below standards was cheeked:

- The monthly schedule of the presence of physicians
- All country guidelines specified in the criteria
- Emergency and triage nurses attending the program
- Documentation of training courses such as Triage, communication skills, crisis management, stress management, etc.
- Announcement documentation for bed manager
- Documentation of assignment of emergency patients less than 6 hours
- List of para clinical services required by the emergency department
- Ensuring nurses' knowledge of the triage executive method and checking the completed triage form in patient files
- Supervising employees' awareness of the provisions of the guidelines , the unconditional admission and treatment for emergency patients from the Ministry of Health
- investigate the process of stabilization of the condition of patients before delivery to other hospitals
- Monitoring the members of the task force and triage committee members from the provisions of the notification guidelines
- Monitor knowledge of emergency staffing about 18 Emergency indicator
- Ensure the knowledge of other nurses about “Timely identification and treatment of ill and emergency patients in the hospital policy “
- Ensuring nurses' knowledge about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines (basic-adult-infants-babies)
- Checklist Install the list of rescue groups in the bulletin board
- Check the availability of prescription drugs for all hours of the day
- And etc. …

The report of the results of the assessment will send to Emergency Committee members electronically and at the next executive team meeting will be reviewed.


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