Principles of ergonomics in the workplace

Author: مدیرسایت/Wednesday, June 23, 2021/Categories: News

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Ergonomics or the science of evaluating human factors means the knowledge of applying existing scientific information about humans in the design of the work environment. Also, by using this knowledge, by evaluating the posture of the body while doing work, it will be helpful to improve the workplace and improve the performance of the personnel.

In order to observe the principles of ergonomics, Ms. Nazari, in charge of occupational health, performed ergonomic evaluation of administrative staff and admission by ROSA (Rapid Office Strain Assessment) method. This method is specifically for evaluating office jobs and working with computers. In this method, the staff posture is examined based on the type of chair, eye distance from the monitor, distance from the phone, how to place the hand on the mouse and keyboard. Finally, scoring is done and according to the final number, the required action is presented from the table related to corrective actions.



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