Celebrating dietitians day 03/10/2021

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On the occasion of the second Wednesday of March, coinciding with March 10, 2021, equal to March 11, 2017, as a celebration of dietitians day, while appreciating the efforts of nutritionists who provide nutritional services and nutrition and diet counseling to patients due to the prevalence of corona  heart disease. Congratulations on this day to the community of nutritionists and all activists in this field in the country who provide services in the country's medical centers with all their efforts and efforts.

In order to honor and draw attention to the importance of nutrition in the treatment of diseases, the following activities were performed in Bina eye Hospital.

1- The efforts of the nutrition team were appreciated and thanked (including the two sections of food service management and nutrition counseling and diet therapy) Mrs. Mahdieh Reyhani - Mrs. Soheila Vazvaei, Chefs.

2- Informing and promoting healthy nutrition with emphasis on nutritional needs in patients with covid 19 was done by posting a message on the hospital website.

3- The distribution of pamphlets and educational materials on nutrition and diet therapy with emphasis on nutritional needs in covid 19 and metabolic diseases was done for hospitalized patients and outpatients.

4- Mrs. Reyhani, a nutritionist, emphasized on cooking diet foods with an emphasis on receiving enough protein, vegetables, soups, nutritious fluids, and healthy foods (low in salt and low in fat).

5- Free nutrition services, visits and counseling to outpatients who had booked an appointment were provided by Mrs. Reyhani, a nutritionist.

6-The provision of nutrition counseling and diet therapy services and nutritional support to covid19  patients was done (online / video conferencing).


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